What would you say of this 'endless' picture

Tried to create an ‘endless’ stream of posts for IG.
Please, share your thoughts/concerns about this way of presenting info.


If you’re looking for engagement, this might be the worst strategy. If this is for an artist/design account then I would say it’s worth it.


Thanks for sharing

It looks great, but you need to re upload them and add 10-20 hashtags to each photo, and make sure the hashtags are enough popular and related to your niche and country, better if you write them in your country language, which i assume, Russia ? anyways good luck!

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Personally, I dislike this style of posting because the effort put into this kind of feed can be more directed to actually engaging with potential fans or customers or creating content that they will better relate to in single posts.

Edit: and to add to what @Enguerran said, I rarely see decent engagement on these types of posts. They almost always seem chopped off or on the other extreme, too perfect. I don’t think instagram was meant to be a perfect art gallery (echoing Gary Vees thoughts)


This might make sense if you are trying to represent your art skills, but for engagement and control, this is a terrible idea. The right tool for the right job, as always. :sweat_smile:


Thanks. They are just posted as a sample, this is not actual account.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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Thank you for sharing what you think

They look good from the profile, but each picture has to be taken in isolation as that’s how they will appear in the feed.

Got to agree with @tripleyourtribe and recommend taking those extra 10 minutes to engage after each normal post.