What's a good follow back ratio for IG niche?

This is debatable, some say with laser target niche the ratio don’t really matter, others say with general niches it is best to max the amount of follow backs. Right now, I am doing BH on ig and my follow ratio for my niches must be above 0.2. What’s your opinion on follow back ratios on niches?

My worst is fashion. Below 0.10.

Best is weed/cannabis. About 0.23

All with following only users that interacted last x minutes.


How much mins you use for fashion niche?

30 minutes max

For anyone searching for “follow back ratio”:

Keep in mind bot followers. In some niches there are a lot more bots that will follow you back. So don’t focus on how many followers you are getting back too closely.

Focus on the bottom-line more than any other statistics or measurements.

I have basically the same numbers with a Men Style and Weed related account

I think it depends above all on the quality of the profile. I have some profiles with Follow Back Ratio of 35% and others of 10%

It mostly depends on how well you target users. I have seen accounts with 50%+ follow back ratio. My best ratio was 30%+ for a techie niche, targeting last commentors of relevant posts.