What's happening? blue blue everywhere (BLOCKS DISAPPEARING SLOWLY)

Sorry to make a topic but has anyone noticed that theirs IG accounts are clearing up and turning blue?

Mine are recovering even without touching them at all. As If IG is being less tight since a couple of days?

Edit: Most of them DC’s

Mine slowly too what proxies are u using?

DC’s mostly. Mobile hasnt been good for me testresultwise. At least not for new slaves


Lets hope that IG will be less restrictive

That would be mega dope
My accounts are resting today hoping to make their trustscore better

Honestly I’m still bummed about the 6000/30 :confused: imagine they lifted it? One can only dream…

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Today I forgot at one accounts at setting to turn ON Send to extracted users and it followed 1k users and get blocked, lol.

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Just run more slaves. If blocks get lifted, you have an army ready to march


Why dont you think mobile is not that great for slaves?

I’m still grateful for even that number of limit. They could bring it down even more if they wanted us 100% dead.

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Indeed! The could easily just play with us. their playground

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Minimal blocks for me as well. Curious if anyone is able to use API? I only use EB, myself

It’s not good for anyone to lower it, so limits will go up only, less movement on the whole app when they limit us…

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hmm…that’s the old limit. I can’t even follow fast enough to reach 1000/day without getting blocked way before I get there.

I am using API without any issues tbh …

what proxy do you use?

I am using 4G proxies

what is your proxy provider ?

Got 5 PV today and 3 follow blocks…

pissing me off

Why yes, yes I have… :slightly_smiling_face:

Homemade… @HenryCooper has great prices but you’ll need to get on a waitlist.