What's happening? It took 8 accounts in the ban without a reason

What’s happening? I got into the ban 8 accounts for yesterday. The reason is incomprehensible. There are even accounts that did not get under way and just fell into the ban. (Please help me out please.

And forgive me for my English. I do not know him well.

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No, this is a little wrong. I do not have spam blocking on actions, namely a full ban of my accounts (

Instagram Action Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 I read this topic myself, but I have problems not with spam blocking

You gotta give us more than just saying you’ve got accounts banned… I lost/got disabled 50+ accounts in June.

  1. Which proxy are you using. Are you even using proxy?
  2. What settings did you have - follow/unfollow/likes/comments/posting
  3. What kind of accounts were they - spam/memes etc
  4. How old those accounts were
  5. Did you get follow blocks/phone verifications before got it disabled
  6. If yes, did you use same ph number, different ones
  7. If accounts were new, how did you create them

Give detail man.

If you didn’t do to many wrong steps you’ll get it back. Just gonna need to work on it.

Ohh shit! What were you posting? Which proxies were you using? What were your setting? Mamamiaaa pizzaria

I use my 4g proxy. I have my own farm. Commercial customer accounts. There were no advance warnings. Not requested codes by SMS or mail. All accounts are different, some less than 6 months from the date of registration, others more than 2 years from the date of registration. Over the last month, no more than 900 subscriptions were made on each.
Each account has its own personal live phone number of my client.

So you understand, June 15, 1 of the accounts hit the ban. I filed a petition and they restored it to me. The account did not touch, and did not even do authorization. That is, he was just lying and inactive. And yesterday he just went to ban again. When I filed a petition, a letter came from the Facebookbook that the account was activated again. But I went, but there is no activation

same they are hitting hard in al area, maybe the accounts creation process left some print finguer so the algo just banned them!!
Just move on for one banned add 2 and keep growing!!

You used jarvee?

Sorry dude. Sounds brutal.

Never have I ever seen account being disabled just like that without first getting some action blocks or Phone verification/ email verification.

I create accounts using browser, on dodgy proxies and even those get 2-3 Phone verifications before they get disabled.

How many accounts do you run per proxy? You have unique device ID’s?

You must be leaving a footprint, some major flaw in your set up is exposing you to IG.

Yes, I use jarvi. On 1 proxy, I put no more than 6 accounts. Reconnect proxy 1 time in 5 minutes.

That’s the point, I have been using automated actions as a way to promote for over 2 years now. And for the first time I have this. (

Yes, there are unique device identifiers

That would be fine if the proxy is good quality.

This could be your problem.

I run my own proxies too and changing IP does get accounts into trouble. it’s better to keep it the same and only change ever so often.

I don’t think this could be the reason for bans but you’re linking the accounts somehow.

I want to do a test on accounts later. Tell me, I can write you a personal message and show screenshots of the jarvee to configure, so that if you tell me about my mistakes. You can see better with your eye. If of course this is possible, thank you in advance.

man, I am happy to answer your questions but you’ve got to figure it out by yourself or hire someone…

Do you use 4g proxy or just generic proxy btw?