What's new on Instagram?

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As expected has the recent updates on IG brought new features with it.

I thought of sharing this article with those of you who are not aware of this yet, as it seems interesting.

Enjoy reading :slightly_smiling_face:


I am already testing this new option with my clients :slight_smile: It is a mega option to engage your audience and make friends with them and get to know what they expect from your person and profile or what is missing :slight_smile:


When I read about it, I also saw it as a nice option to encourages new followers to join group chat and then when the group reaches a decent size you can send a welcome message and redirect them. There are many opportunities to this.

This can reduce the number of DMs being sent daily

Exactly :slight_smile: You can really use it well :slight_smile:
I do not understand your opinion.
A welcome message and send it to everyone? In the sense?

Excuse me for my English.

Greetings and redirecting traffic to main page eventually

Used for M/S method also.

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I already understand :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice update, hope to make use of it.

Hey Guys! New to MPSocial
not sure exactly how to search specific threads yet but was just wondering is IG now really cracking down on third party apps? as I had a received a message saying my account has been compromised for getting likes and followers and forced me to changed my pw?

Have you guys gotten that before?

i see so, we can ask them to join dm group.

I created 24/7 Support group for people who want to develop their business faster. Monthly cost of joining this group is $ 300. Currently 6 people joined.

*I support them through voice messages


To use the search function, click on the magnifying glass :mag: at the top of your screen. This question is discussed EXTENSIVELY throughout this forum. Welcome and glad to have you here.

this is huge if you have a personal account and are looking to connect with followers…

i always reply to them via a video instead of just sending them a normal message

especially if you are selling coaching or info products it helps immensly

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