Whats new with Twitter?

Hi @bobcrammer Are your accounts successfully following users?

If so & you’re still not gaining it’s most likely due to the filters not functioning as most of the accounts are probably low quality

Support said that the follow tool keeps failing in the filter “User tweeted or liked within the last X days” because of the size of the Embedded Browser. So simply removing that specific filter seems to fix it for now.
They will add a fix to start the Embedded Browser in an enlarged state which should be available by the next update.

Hey @terryoi, That’s a great update thank you for sharing!

Makes sense about the enlarged browser. Did they mention if that is the only filter not working or any others as well?

Some members above mentioned profile picture filter wasn’t working well either. We’ll have to all stay connected here :raised_hands:

That’s the only filter they mentioned to me.
I have disabled that filter (User tweeted or liked within the last X days) and have kept the profile image filter enabled and it seems to follow just fine here.

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Support also suggested this fix for now:

  • Go to SETTINGS --> Embedded browser tab and make sure to check the option: “Remember browser size and location for each account”

  • Click on ACTIONS next to your account on SOCIAL PROFILES and click on Browse Embedded and enlarge the Embedded Browser (you can drag it from the bottom right corner using the mouse cursor).

  • Close the Embedded Browser and start the Follow tool and see how it goes.


Update: So far things have been working well with keeping the browsers open but should I have any further issues I will try this @terryoi

Appreciate you sharing those things, let’s kindly stay connected🙂

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Thank you ! It seems to be that

@K.i.n.g I see jarvee released an update saying they fixed that filter issue but tried it today and still every account is failing on the filter “tweeted over X days”

Anyone else still dealing with it?

Hi @thatbritishguy, yes I have noticed this. Seems the issues with enlarged browser are still being worked out as well.

Im sure the team is on it & working hard. Hopefully they can dedicate some more time to Twitter tools & updates moving forward

Yes same here for me :frowning: We should all send a message to the support notifying them so they prioritize it.

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@Stiletto please help us with this :sob: Instead of us bombarding your support with messages maybe you could just let them know.

I send them a support message.

Gave them my VPS credentials, so they can check what’s the deal with the filter.

Indeed, the “embedded browser” option was suggested by their CS team