Whats new with Twitter?

Hi everyone, I hope all is well on your journey!

Noticing some strange things going on with Twitter, a bit different from my last thread. Some accounts simply aren’t running full capacity in Jarvee the past week & Twitter also has a widespread SMS verification issue where codes & calls are not being received which they have actually acknowledged here: https://twitter.com/TwitterSupport/status/1292947193838678018?s=20

Some members have shared on Mp that the only real viable solution for the sms error issue is to open a support ticket & reply to the initial automated email every single day

What have you been noticing? Kindly share. Lets connect

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I had 50 accounts running nice and smoothly then after a month suddenly they can no longer follow. It just keeps scarping users that do not meet my criteria set. All I am asking of it is they have a profile picture and have liked or tweeted in the last 100 days.

My sources have millions of people to choose from so no idea what is going on here…I have contacted Jarvee as I think it might be a problem on their end.

Any idea?

Hi @thatbritishguy how long has it been since they have been running smoothly? Proxies/type?

I also think Jarvee needs an update for Twitter

4g proxies…I think around 5 days since they ran ok…They can still unfollow, retweet, and dm but just can’t scrape people to follow properly.

Yup, I second this. I think this is the issue here as well, as accounts are actively unfollowing daily but the follow tool has been a bit defective. I think it’s a Jarvee issue

As the summary displays follow actions & users being followed but If check the accounts these users are not being followed. Been happening for about 3-5 days

Edit: I also tested manually to follow on some accounts to see if any sort of block or ban is on them & they follow users with no problem

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I have sent all the info they needed to jarvee to further look into this issue…I will let you know if they come back with any solution or if they find a problem.

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@K.i.n.g so they told me that my accounts are scraping people but they just don’t meet the requirements. I know something needs to be wrong because I added in another several sources that added another 10 million followers and I struggle to think no one is meeting my very relaxed criteria.

We shall see I guess.

Hey everyone,

I had the same issue, for whatever reason Jarvee filters out everyone from the extracted users tab. I think it had to do with a fix they issued on an update last week.

Until they fix it, the only way to bypass it is to open the Embedded Browser on all the accounts you’re running. That way it works.

Hope that helps in the meantime.

Hmm @thatbritishguy that seems very unusual. Id ask their support to take a further look again. Im about to send some info over their way as well. Are your accounts truly completing the action of following users?

Thanks for your share @bignoz. How are things working for you now? Any issues?

Yep, all is working well as long as you keep the EB open! Definitely a Jarvee bug :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing us an update! I`m sure they will fix things asap as they always strive to do for us :slightly_smiling_face: @bignoz

Update: @bignoz you were 100% spot on about keeping the browsers open as I tested this out & saw positive result in less than an hour. Again, hopefully Jarvee can fix this bug asap

I owe you a beer! or water… cheers :wink:

I have issues with following as well.
It seems that since the 27th of August most of my Twitter accounts have stopped following other accounts or just follow 1-2 accounts or so every day.
Unfollow and the other Twitter tools seem to work just fine though.
I also contacted support about this and waiting for their reply.

Hi @terryoi, just spoke with them a few hours ago

They are made aware & said an update is on the way in a few days! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good news!
Btw would you mind sharing around how many follows/unfollows you can do per day without getting many blocks etc?
I used to do around 50-60 f/u per day without issues for a long time but lately i’ve been getting some blocks/password resets etc. Have you noticed that as well?

Opening the browser is working somewhat. Its done a couple follows but still hitting a bunch of dud accounts in the process. Looking forward to this update.
Glad they’re aware of the issue.

Edit: Having the browser open has fixed it from what I can see but I am not sure I want to open 50 browsers. lol

Usually accounts in that range are pretty smooth @terryoi but definitely more frequent password resets & verification texts. I think similar to Instagram account trust helps as well (its just my theory)

Newer accounts or older accounts that you automate?

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Yup @thatbritishguy its a band aid for now untill an update from Jarvee team. I`m noticing that filters are not fully functional

It can be a pain but should really help having all 50 open for now

At least we made them aware of the issue and who knows…maybe they show the twitter part of jarvee some love and do it up a little more.

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Has the problem been solved on your side?
I have no more new followers since the 29th, I opened the embedded browser as advised but I don’t see any improvement.

Thank you :slight_smile: