What's the best and safest automation tool for a main IG account?

Hey guys,

I see a lot of folks who loves Jarvee here. I love it too. No doubt is the best tool for managing dozens and hundreds of accounts.

But I think it’s not the best option for safe managing your main IG account since it uses Private-API, which means it may lead to account issues in the future. Do you use it for your main account?

My main question is: Do you know any automation tools that manages IG account directly from the phone, that is, clicking the right buttons right on the phone? I think it’s safer for your IG account since it uses the official IG application and works without proxy.

I guess such an app can even be trusted with the main account? (because it looks like a pretty natural activity on Instagram)

Or will the main account still be threatened by something, even if you work carefully enough, with minimum limits?


Running clients on automated Physical Phones is the safest method, I think. There are a lot of other things u need to be worried about doing, but not about the client’s account.

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Hi Ciras, tell me, what is the first thing I have to think about? And… Do you know any really good tools to automate Instagram on a physical phone?

Need to automate using physical phones so that it’s seen as just regular use of the app, and not a third party software

Hi everyone.
The discussion is very quiet, apparently there is no good automation solution on a physical phone?

Maybe we can make our own good App, absolutely without IG blocks? Who is interested in participating in this project with tips? I needs few people who have extensive experience in promoting Instagram accounts and roughly understand why Instagram blocks accounts. I have already created a small prototype of the application… He is already doing the following/unfollowing. Anyone who wants to take part, write me in private messages. I need your expert assessment. Thanks

We already made that tool 2 years ago.

Safest is manual and always will be. Then second safest is phone automation.
Either way you need some resources to start and not just a PC and 2$ proxy though.

Why forum is quiet about this is because no one cant talk about it without getting banned/flagged. Thats how it is unfortunately, even if majority of us were MP and JV users and still are part time :slight_smile:

Insist would be better tool