What's the best niche to catch fishes

I need help. I have 10 account spamming follow but no one is searching my watermark. My watermark is the link to my product and landing page.

I’m not sure if they are searching google or they just don’t go directly to the page. I have 10 account spamming follow and it been 48 hours.

Im target all niches from sports to kids. It’s a cool product but I’m no one is biting. Why!!

Am I ghosted?

There’s a lot of factors that’s in play here,. The most well known is the quality of your account. If you are following and unfollowing and your accounts looks spammy then users well not visit the link you are promoting.

Also, May i ask why you are using a watermark instead of linking the landing page in your bio? If it’s an aff link then you can use this method


Im doing watermark because i don’t want crawlers going to my pre landing page.

Does bio gets more clicks?

Probably yes as it’s easier to click, however you can also get in trouble faster…

But if I use adnana g+ trick, I won’t get in trouble faster right

You’ll get nowhere with watermark only. For decent results you’ll need 50x more accounts.

Adding link to your bio is more risky but at least you’ll get the visits.

Is it because people are too lazy to type the watermark web address?

Have you tested it, and you got nowhere?

It’s pretty hard to type website address from instagram app to browser on mobile. That’s why you will be lucky if you will have few clicks. Don’t think that it’s good idea. Better put link in bio. Also if you want use watermark, better watermark some call-to-action.


I’ve seen people doing it with watermark as well, but you will need a lot of accounts to make it work.

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What if I put 100 bitly links that go to the same pre landing page? Is that okay? Will crawlers look and see the same website?

they will. dont do that.

Yes they will. Have a look at forum here. Here is few methods how to hide your link(look first answer, also was another one somewhere).