What's the best Twitter bot right now?

I’m looking to buy Twitter bot for mass botting and I’ll generate adult traffics for CPA offers (dating and cam niche)

Budget is not an issues for me so I’ll invest good amounts money on 4g proxies ,bot and accounts

My Questions are :

  1. is twitter botting worth for adult traffics in 2021 ? I also planning reddit /Tumbler for adult traffics

  2. What’s is the best Twitter bot in the market right now ?

  3. Any suggestions for Twitter botting for adult traffics will appreciated very much <3

thanks in advance and have a good day all :slight_smile:

The best software for automating Twitter accounts is definitely Jarvee. I’ve been using it for years for my Twitter accounts and with moderate settings, you should be able to do miracles with it. :muscle:


i would recommand Jarvee for Twitter botting they have many tools that can be used in different ways

just make sure to start slowly and warm your account correclty then put a safe number of account per proxy then see how it goes

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Downloaded Jarvee and getting started this weekend :slight_smile:


Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: Good luck! :slight_smile:

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can you please help me to setup my journey on twitter ?

What specific help do you need for Twitter? If it’s about the tool settings (run timers), you can use the default values on the tool to start slow, then gradually increase from there…

You can also use Learn how to use JARVEE - the ultimate social media automation tool and go to the Using Twitter in Jarvee section for more detailed guides.

dang jarvee is the best bot for twitter too? they really are the king…

I am running it via massplaner, do you know how to transfer the accounts to jarvee

You can’t do that. You will need to set them up again in Jarvee.

we can help you solve the issues that you have when using Twitter accounts on Jarvee, just let us know the issues and we will try to help.

You can export the accounts as binary files from Social Profiles tab > Actions on Selected Profiles, then import them in Jarvee.

Thanks, I have been using massplaner for years. I was told it was the same as Jarvee. So do I have a need to move to Jarvee?

no problem. there’s no need to move your accounts, they have same features.

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Thanks, bud. Do you guys still promote via twitter?

Jarvee still supports Twitter :slight_smile:

I found Massplaner won’t fliter the following source too. Because it won’t support twitter any more? Do you mean I should use Jarvee instead?

Both MP and Jarvee support Twitter up to now. What do you mean by it won’t filter the following source?

they are both supporting Twitter and it’s working correctly, are you getting the no more results errors on the dashboard or any other erros?

Yeah I do. I DM target users using the Contact tool. What filters are you using? The follow tool will first extract users from your source without applying filters, send them to the Extracted Users, then it will check those extracted users and follow only users that meet your filters.