Whats the best type of items to sell on Aliexpress for dropshipping

Anyone know good items to be posting? I just started using Aliexpress to Amazon , using US sellers to dropship. I began selling a UV flashlight I found on Aliexpress. Im wondering what are better alternatives and how to be save when dropshipping so I dont get banned. Thanks!

That should give you everything you need but to answer you question more directly you should use a tool like Junglescout to cross reference lots of products in a niche and post them on amazon. If you are lucky some will sell really well.
And to not get banned by amazon, anyone please correct me if I’m wrong but if you keep the customer happy you won’t have any problems. So deal with all complaints like if they were you only customer. And yes that means that sometimes you might have to give them a refund and not even get the product back.
Hope it helps. Oh and read @Chopblock post, it’s really worth you time. He lets it out in detail.