What's the best way to prime a new instagram account?

Any strategies to get a brand new instagram account to perform automation follows and likes for 15 hours a day?

  • Quality setup (accounts created on phones, optimized bot settings, mobile proxies)
  • Warm-up
  • Randomization

If block, rest and do from the start untill you got no block :slight_smile:

So on one of my new accounts I had it sit on the bot for 9 days with a proxy. And did some manual actions. After that it was running for 10 hours a day for 5 days. And then on the 6th day I did 15 hours and it ran smoothly. On day 7 it got a message saying challenge required on the 1st action.

Challenge required means a lot of different things. It’s a request from IG that you have to perform. It doesn’t necessarily means bad news. It can also be as simple as an “age request update”(*) or a “suspicious login attempt”.

*(happens a lot if your account wasn’t created on a mobile phone, eventhough most of the providers will tell you it was created from a phone with their own fingers :smiley:)

you can have an account following/liking for 15 hours but if your actions are around 4-5 follow per hour, if it’s way more than that then you will have issues and blocks especially if you are using a brand new account and I don’t recommend doing that, for a new account doing actions for 4-5 hours is enough for the first 4-5 days.

keep in mind to always warm up the account using other tools before you go to the follow/like tools.

What’s your insta so we can talk? :slight_smile:

No much actions good

What’s your insta ima dm u. Cuz I would love to work with another who knows about automation!

Well mate use a better bot than all these nextpost based bots … try jarvee for example :point_up:

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I figured it out. When I do more actions, I need to spend more activity on the actual app. :slight_smile: