What's the easist niche to get followers in?

What niches are the easist to grow big accounts? I don’t care if it’s a profitable niche, I only care how easy it is to get followers.

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hot babes/adult… big tits… etc… you get my point

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Yo I think it would be a personal one not collective, for an example, skateboarding niche Vs Micheal Jackson niche.
So I lunch exactly 5 days ago 3 slaves, all manual very authentic, only 1 of them are actually on fire, and I found out if I choose a person, asuper star, it easy drive, special if the fans think you are actually the rapper, which I didnt meant to do, in fact i don’t pretend to be someone else, I run legit art fan page, but the kids think it may be him because I somehow was lucky enough to get a name, hes name with an art in the end(I was shook)i had over 20 dms in the next day, all like hello rapper-nname? Is it you? Is it really you? Few of them drive crazy over my content,sharing and likin, and none stop dming, i had already have a hashtag to take over with 1000+ posts, basically my ig name,btw my slave on 350+ the others 100-150, so what I’m trying to say now is make sure you have a one shot name. No space bar or dots, make it look as much creative as it gets, dont link accounts in bio until 1k, doesnt matter what niche, if you do it right and tight, you will succeed in every niche, aiight
Graffiti is a easy niche, for who knows sub culture and hip hop life

i highly not recommend none of this

The one you know the most about.

If we’re talking strictly followers this would be my pick too lol. It’s not a niche I would want to be in, but it gets you followers.

I think that’s the niche where you can crow accounts fastest but I don’t think it’s profitable.

I think that most users will keep this as a secret :slight_smile: maybe animals niche, motivational quotes, something like that :slight_smile:

every niche that touch emotions as Bianca said cute animals, motivational stuff, cute babies…etc

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Photographers and nature lovers are extremely supportive of each other so it has been really easy for me to grow accounts in that niche.

Otherwise I have had good success with a fitness account, generally speaking, if your profile and content looks good then the growth is better.

The one you have the most content for and can create the most enaging contnet with. If you know a lot about sports you want to post sports content with enanging opinions so people respond and you create a community and your posts spread.

the hard ones make the most money, the easy ones a bitch to monetize. Babes the easiest but will make you poor …

Pets, females,giveaways, memes, christians

Are meme accounts easier to grow than babes? I don’t care about the monetization. I want to learn how to grow accounts. I’ll figure out how to make money after I understand the process of growing the account.

Viral/funny videos and pet niches.You can get contents for your page quite easily by reposting other users’ videos. There are always new clips every day. It will be even better if you can edit the clips first. Add engaging short caption to make it even more interesting and unique.

Can I say any niche for which you can create visual content that trigger emotions (pets, fitness, motivation, etc).