Whats the max of followers we can follow

whats the max of followers we can follow per day on jarvee

I would say it`s 6000 per 30 days.

It depends on the account… I have a few that have been flagged and banned badly and i cant go over 100 follows per day, but I do have others that i can go upto 200-250, it really depends on the account. I would recommend you start slow and then upp the amount.

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200 per day should be the max. but it seems there are exceptions of that rule.
But as a guideline take 190. Lesser risks.

10 follow a day now a days if you are lucky

i do 120-150 a day on all my accounts, running flawlessly, occasionally “fake blocks”

point being… it doesnt really matter how many follows a day you do, if you have a shitty “market research” as I like to call your sources

quality > quantity

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