Whats the purpose to for using separate accounts on Jarvee for scraping?


Hey buddy, do you scrape using the “Scrape Tools” or the “Contact” tab or just the normal “Follow” tool and sending to extract users?


Use the follow tool and send to extracted user so you get a steady flow of follow sources and so you don’t have to manually scrape them every time you run out of people to follow


The main purpose is to reduce API calls that are not needed. There are many factors at play, but having a separate account removes a lot of the risk and isn’t that much more expensive.


I am using that and for some reasons the accounts are not actually scraping at all. I had to use the Contact tool but it is equally slow.

Have you tried using the scrape tool? I see people say that they can scrape up to millions in a day but I am not sure if the tool can get you targeted users.


How do you setup:

  1. Account “1” to do scrape + follow
  2. Account “2 - X” to follow (no scraping) based on scraped results from Account “1”


I have a question regarding this matter. I know no one can answere for sorten. But wouldn’t the IG algo look at how many requests has been from a specific ip and device and not only on profile level?
This means you gotta use separate proxy or IP and separate device ID to do scarping and if not, you still risk block?


Right, that would be the way to go. I believe the whole point is to reduce the risk to your main. In another related topic, I think a lot of people would be interested in a full tutorial for adding a scraping account and using it on your Main from beginning to end, what do you guys think?


I’ve scraped over 2M accounts with additional business details using 9 scrapers and none of them have ever been blocked. This was using the Scraper Tools panel. None of them have ever done anything except:

  1. Scrape users through the API, and;
  2. repost a couple of photos.

I’ve had them running for weeks on end at times without any problems whatsoever. Try checking ‘save file on disc’ and ‘continue scraping users after restart’. Also make the ‘extract max’ equal to or less than the total number of followers/followings/posts of the source you want to scrape for optimum efficiency.


I don’t get why Jarvee not just use scrappers account in a transparent mode.
I mean once an real user scrapp it uses the “scrapper account” for entering the user page for example.

This is what i do with my bot, almost every 3’rd user page I enter I use the scrapper to check first.


BTW, a good method is to take real account A that already scraped 20000 users and to remove real account B follow history then add it to B in specific users.


how do you “follow based on scraped results from account #1”?


You need to check the option to “Send to extracted users tab” And then under the extracted users tab you can choose where those extracted users go.


Thanks a lot for your reply!
I got that. But how do I set up the main profile (the one receiving the scraped users)?