Whats the purpose to for using separate accounts on Jarvee for scraping?

Hey guys! I noticed some of you use separate ig accounts on Jarvee for scraping and I was just wondering if there was specific reasoning for doing this. Is it to keep action down on main accounts?


Yes. You want to reduce the number of API calls your account makes.


Thanks wortime


Using multiple scraping accounts also allows you to heavily filter the sources and have different filter settings on each account.
For instance, you might want want to filter one set of sources differently to another which you can’t do on one account in Jarvee.
Getting the heavy filtering out of your follow account also prevents it from slowing down and allows your follow rates to be more predictable.


Is there any problems with that? Like maximum they can do is ban the account, right?

I worked on a scraper and even with 1 account it manages to scrape 10k usernames in 1-2 mins (even less, depends on how many threads and what connection you have) with bio and engagement rate. Could I get problems from Instagram by doing so? Not talking about a simple ban

Meh, they could ban you, I’ve never noticed any ill effects but I use a dedicated account for it just in case.

Usually what appears to happen is the scraper account hits API limits, so it’s own actions become limited.

Not sure what other issues you might mean aside from that. Wouldn’t a ban be the worst thing to happen?


I meant legal actions from Instagram as I read on the API page that we are not allowed to use it to “scrape” personal infos and such

A ban is perfectly fine if that’s all it is, and yeah, API limits are a thing as well but can be bypassed

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With a dedicated scraper like the one you use and not using a proxy I would be worried. I’m not worried by scraping with a JARVEE account. Plus, we do other things that are far more worrisome than that.

(I know you use proxies for your scraper)

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Yeah, it’s a must if you want to scrape faster without limits

Yeah, I guess we do worse things than that. Also, I guess that page was for the old API which is now deprecated

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Hello guys

This scraping method is still very new to me. Until a few days ago, I always wondered what everyone means in this forum. :sweat_smile: Google Translator did not want to help me either. :joy: Then I found the Scrape Tool in Jarvee and slowly light came into the dark. That’s how you learn.

Long speech, short question: For my accounts I use high quality mobile proxies. Is it enough for scraping to use cheap spam proxies?

Any proxy will work. I have no idea what JARVEE uses the API for when scraping vs when it doesn’t use the API. I always err on the side of caution and that’s why I use an account I don’t care about.

Guess I should clarify. What @Avo talks about below, uses the API, so it reduces the calls.

The other scrape tools may or may not use the API, there are times it does, and times it doesn’t.


I will try it on an old account with cheap proxy. Will report my findings. From what i read here people report different times for finishing the actions. ( some don’t finish at all ) So maybe that has to do smthg with proxy quality

I’ve been using the scrape function to simulate settings in the follow tool and better understand what users will be included and excluded. This gives me a better idea of what to expect and the quality of the followers before investing actions on an important account.
Today I switched scraping from an established account to a brand new account and saw no difference in speed.

To me, it looks like proxy speed is the most important thing. Fast datacentre proxy is ideal for this job.

I also use a second account to scrape (using follow tool & scrape) and send to a main account to follow. This is particularly useful if you or your client actually uses the account as it prevents any ‘please wait a few minutes’ messages you may get in the app.


Yesterday i tried to scrape 100 followers of username. Started 5 times but did not finish. Also tried to scrape just 3 followers. Just get the Message that it started. Tried different usernames but no results. Will try with a better proxy but i guess it should also work with datacentre proxys. Sad:/

You can check progress on the dashboard summary page.
Jarvee tells you when it starts the scrape and updated at set intervals. People think there is no feedback but it’s there, just on a different page (which is confusing).

When scraping make sure the account is not doing follow operations at the same time or you may be scraping twice on the same account and getting slowed down by IG, “please wait a few minutes “ message in the IG app.
Data centre proxy is perfect for scraping as it’s fast.

10000 is the default number to scrape, even with full details extracted it should take no more than a couple of hours.

Happy scraping!


I did no follow and nothing else on that account just used the scraping tool. I extract followers of username. I changed the 10000 to 100 cause it was just a test and i dont need the data. Checked the sumary tab but there where just the starting notifications and the synchronizing notification no finishing notifications. Also the folder for scraped data is still empty.

Just tested with 100 users on an old and well used account.
Turned F, U & L off first
switched these options on:
scrape additional user details
also extract user engagement

scrape took 1 minute and 5 seconds to return all data.
proxy is in the same city as my VPS and has a ping time of 241ms

Check your proxy ping time in case it’s super slow and then maybe it’s time to reach out to Jarvee support as they are super helpful.


am around 700ms. I will try the support. thank you

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I unchecked the “save file on disk instead of showing the excel file” Checkbox. Now it works:partying_face:


that settings seems to get a lot of people!