What's the reason for banning captions and hashtag for a picture?

Instagram blocked captions and hashtag for a photo. It happened to me 3 days ago till now.
I tried removing the hashtag only to annotate with a few words, but that did not help me get captions of the picture.
Someone has met this case.


I’ve had this issue, no solution as of yet.

Interested to see what we’re doing wrong.

Wlll be following :slight_smile:


One time I could not post …I wondered why…I had 31 hashtags …took one off and smooth sailing then


It happened to me once but that was over a year ago and I was spamming the hell out of the account.

how many times do you post a day on the account?

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If you are having issues with Instagram and hashtags, you are the ones causing the problems, not Instagram. I’ve been growing 5 Instagram accounts for 3 years, now I’m growing 12. Each posts 4 times a day with 40(edit 30, I always mix up the number) hashtags in the comment section, however initially they were only posting the hashtags in the first caption box. I never ran into any trouble, ever, unless the hashtags were over the limit. If the hashtags were over what they instructed, the comment section started working weird. As long as you follow the rules they put out for you, there should be no problem.

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If you have link in your bio, delete it.
I had the same problem.

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Are you always using the same hashtags? You should always change them I think IG has a way of detecting it as spammy behaviour.