What's the safest way to send posts to Multiple Twitter accounts?

I have about 50 twitter accounts that I am posting to. I prepared about 20 updates to post to one account. Can I post the same updates to the different Twitter accounts with spin syntax and the same pictures. Or is that too risky?

Do you recommend I create original posts for each account even though I am promoting the same services?

Just Curious…


If the spyntax is complex enough, then it shouldn’t be a problem, although it’s always better having unique content.

One thing I would suggest is to not publish on all accounts at the same time.

To accomplish this, go to Overview tab > Advanced settings and check Do not publish on multiple accounts in parallel. Then go to When to publish tab and set delay of 1200 seconds.

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Thanks Adnan…I can create a pretty advanced spin. how would I configure that if I wanted to post multiple times a day for each account?

So, you’re going to use just one post (with spyntax) for all accounts and want to publish 20x per day on all of 50 accounts (1000 posts in total) ?

It’s actually 10 post but pretty much the same message. Then spun in sentence and word level to post 10x daily