What's this growth method and who's behind this?

Hello guys, been reading and asking questions around for quite a long time, sometimes you dont get the answers you are looking for so you have to do things yourself and found many similarities in some successful IG accounts out there.

Keep in mind the niche im interested in is fashion and streetwear related so the research i did and findigs I got are related to this very industry, cant vouch for other niches but Im pretty sure it’s a method used somewhere else too.

Basically, for the accounts i analyzed i noticed one thing whch i think is what really works the most for them, and this thing is POST RE-SHARED in many fashion community pages.

I’ll try to exlain this better, when one of the influencers or people make a new post, withing a couple of minutes or hours that same post get posted also on other 20 or 30 pages realted to fashion or streetwear. Some of this pages are big and some are small but nevertheless they all share the same content.

Whats funny is that this people they are reposting are not big celebrities , just regular influencers with good content but im sure they wouldnt get the same fame if it wasnt for this strategy behind it.

Im pretty sure it must be done by someone from MP :slight_smile: :grin: because it’s a work of art.

I mean i dont see that person asking to 20 or 30 pages to repost their content at the same time, it woldnt make sense, also because some pages you can tell are made only to promote a bunch of influencers as they keep reposting their pictures.

I think this a great way to promote and grow an acocunt because what they are doing is basically growing “fake” communites pages where they post some celebrities posts and videos and then this semi unknown influencers are posted right next to them.

Unfortuantely I dont have the tools or technical capabilites to set up this as i dont have JV and dont have time to look or learn how to us eit properly atm , but imagine growing simultaniously 20 to 40 random streetwear pages at the same time where you share viral and quality contnt for celebrities and then you throw in pictures of accounts you want to grow . its amazing i think.

I think we could call it a diversified Fan Pages method because those pages dont tell you to go follow any specific account nor have accounts name in bio, but they only share the content
they want to advertise as if it was something they “found” on the internet and wanted to repost it in theri community page.

What do you guys think about this? anyone doing it? not sure if anyone talked about it already but i didnt find any info so i thought it could be interesting for everybody.

Let me know your thoughts or insihgts please

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Reposting in what way, feed or stories? You could set this up automatically with your own network of accounts as long as you had 20-30.

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Reposting in stories but also they community pages are posting the same content so I believe the Influ ended or agency behind the influencer has the content already and share the same to all the pages of course tagging the influencer

Yes would be great, but don’t have that network of accounts as specified in the post

A simple way to do it today without faffing around too much with automation growth is to just buy 5-10 accounts with let’s say 20K+ followers each all in one niche, and then set them up on Jarvee to repost viral content, maybe do some hashtag research, and eventually they’ll start picking up traction and growing on their own.

You could then setup a system to repost account x’s post to all of their stories, I assume if you looked hard enough you’d be able to do this on Jarvee (haven’t done it myself but I’m sure it’s definitely possible).

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yes im sure it can be done in jarvee but i dont want to do it, i m looking for someoone who can do it and id pay him to do so. i also shared this info because i think it can be useful to everybody

Hi synch! I contacted you back in the days and you told me you might have been able to help me but you never answered me back in dm’s :sweat_smile: i even tried to message you 3 times but the convo stopped ! Maybe you didn’t notice think it was some months ago now ! Gonna wrote you again now :ok_hand:

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Hey Synch, trying to grow myself (personal brand here) would this be something that could help grow a personal ig?

This is a classic slave strategy but I also knew someone in the cartoon/comics niche who did this. He had around 50 pages ranging from 10,000 - 200,000 followers and he actually set up his account to repost the content from a page I was growing.

Within 12 hours of posting, the piece of content i posted was on 10 - 20 different pages but I knew it was Jarvee/M, and that he was using the “find and replace” function to swap out my username for his. I ended up posting myself 3-4 shoutouts back to back to another page I was growing and so I got free shoutouts across his entire network. I also made it a fake giveaway lol.

After that, he stopped using my account as a source haha…


That’s interesting, I suspected it was a slave strategy yeah, think it works really well seeing the results those influencers have.
Anyone you know would be able to help and do something like this with his network and promote my fashion or streetwear content?

Can you use jarvee to post again? I got blocked for doing that

if you post the same content on a bunch of different pages. Wouldnt the first post do the best because instagram recognizes the others as duplicate content? Or am i wrong about this?

I have a theme account and only post stuff that’s a year old becuase i’m worried tht instagram will label my content and duplicate and penalize it.

I personally don’t use it, does posting stories work?

If it’s only feed posts you’re trying to automate just use Facebook creator studio or an instagram partner approved scheduling platform.

Yea, I experienced something strange before which might confirm this. I had a new IG account and posted some content on it. It received some likes initially, but I stopped posting on the account and abandoned it. A couple of weeks later, I posted the same content on a 13k account, and all of a sudden the first account started to receive likes again. Seems like one of the factors in IG’s algorithm is the number of reposts of your content (and who reposts it)

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What are some good instagram partner approved scheduling platforms?

Later, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse, a quick google search would bring up the exact same information :slight_smile: