What's your best memory of your mom/dad ? How often do you talk?

I know its way off topic but this is the free for all lounge.
I make sure we talk every day some days are really busy so we miss a day.

It wasnt always like this and one might say our relationship is 2 years old.

It doesn’t have to be that long of a call. It doesn’t have to be that often to begin with.

Here are some things to talk about

  • What does she have planned today.
  • Recap of what she said she had planned to do yesterday.
    -Talk about a family member.
  • Tell her what you have planned today
    -Tell her how something is going that you have been working on
  • The dog
    -The cat
    -Your neighbor
  • Her neighbor
  • What you saw that was interesting today
  • Shocking fact

My mom and i didn’t always have the best relationship i first moved out at 15 and came back and left about 4 more times. Even had a 10 year feud with periods of not talking for a year plus.
But these phone calls mean alot to her and me too.

Moms are seriously underrated. So I hope this helps atleast one mom child pair


Awww what a refreshing post. I speak to both my mother and father every morning. After all, you only get one of each.


Talking to your mom everyday removes follow blocks.


Talk about the same stuff we do ?

@florin22xxl Using your dad as a slave for your mother works best in my opinion. Whenever he gets (cok)blocked you just let him rest or dispose it and get a new one (or 2 more :wink: ) for your mother. So no drama…

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Hahahaha I had to read that a couple of times to get it

I started talking to them on the daily for the past 5 days and I can attest that all my accounts are not follow blocked anymore.

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