What's your experience with growing your account with engagement groups ? either you have a small or big account

Since Instagram is making it hard these days to follow/unfollow, i know that with engagement groups you get what you give or more, you do 50 follow you get 50 followers and same for likes, it’s not like with bot where you do 1000 follow action and get 200 or less follow back from them, so any one here have a long time experience with engagement groups ?

Thanks in advance!

Personally for me they varied a lot. Specific niche ones get much better results longer term as the people may have a natural interest in your posts and their followers too.

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I did not have much success with engagement groups until I got into one where some accounts had 100k+ followers! It really makes a difference when you receive a like from an account that is this big and in your niche.

Also, verified accounts bring huge traffic too! I always tag a few big accounts and once TheNorthFace liked my picture and it got much more traffic than usual

Smaller groups can definitely be beneficial too but for me it wasn’t