🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


Post your favorite music to zone and work to :joy: I need some :fire: beats :smiling_imp:

I listen to:
http://www.Di.fm (progressive on most days)
Recently crappy rap too, like this. But honestly this shit fire tho.



We’re pretty much on the opposite ends of the spectrum :joy:




@mojojojo @lll I’ve liked both of those genres but got over them really quick, good submissions for others tho!



Kendrick Lamar is dope.


Anything without lyrics because that gets distracting… recently I’ve been listening to this goofy genre called 80’s Future Synthwave, it’s essentially re-created 80’s music if it existed in the future.

Basically all of this: https://future80s.bandcamp.com/

Here’s one of my favorites recently:


I listen to all of the above and then some. Some days it’s even just crappy pop music or Drake. I could go on a Pink Floyd binge or Green Day too.

Hell, it could even be bad “punk” covers.


added to my playlist :fire::fire::fire:



I catch myself saying that to randos on occasion.


Olafur Arnalds. Hands down.





“Hot Yoga Beats” on Spotify is good sometimes as well. I am liking all of these selections so far.




Legit my favorite song on youtube though. And my dad agrees.


Rocky spits straight fire!



Obie my mofucking boy


Funny, I was going to suggest that this is his fav: