🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


grooooss, listen to lounge or something lol, I hate noise like that.


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you made my day brother


Glad to be of assistance!


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we cant let this thread die! tried to post different niches so someone might find something good.

No pressure No diamonds:



Outrun music , work peak:

Out of the bed music:

Work peak:

Ending the day:

New retro wave:




While I cant stand him as a person, you cannot deny this song:


Current mood while xbox updates: Great Divide Double IPA and this:



My fav song with kanye

he says like 5 words


Icejjfish is a nice artist



technobase.fm & hardbase.fm :grinning:


If I want to get focused I listen to Binaural Beats. Worked for me really well in the beginning. Right now it doesn’t have the same effect, could’ve been placebo(still works but it doesn’t have the same impact as it had before). For some people it is a huge game changer.
Give it a try:

I also have 10 min version of Binaurals for improving short-term memory. Paid for it like 15$. It should be on one of my USB sticks. I’m going to search later if i have time and upload it here.

(You need headphones for this)


I like music you can just vibe to


Going crazy on this all time classic again recently:


To stay focused!!