🎵What's your favorite music to work to🎶


Step 1: Turn up the volume to almost full

Step 2: Adjust your bass to a good level

Step 3: Press play.

One of my favorite old school intros ever made.


Ya i’m depressing too, I like the sad songs lmao I relate to most of them.

You ever listented to Joyner Lucas?

He has some good songs that are sorta sad.

like I’m Sorry, Happy Birthday, and ross capicchioni.

I am only into his inspirational songs, not so much his other shit.


Is it weird when 20 seconds into the song I smelled weed? :joy:

and I don’t even smoke lmao.


Is it weird that I am the whitest guy most people meet, and I know more gangster rap by heart than Snoop Dogg?


Same with me :smiley: Just have to look at my profile and you’ll know lol :smiley:


I haven’t I’ll go check him out!

Ever heard of Elliot Smith?
go check out his popular ones on spotify, there’s about 4-5 gold nuggets in there.

Just listened to Sorry, and it was hella good :smiley:


I’m actually quite enjoying that first song! “Something something something mon cherie” :joy:

Arabian soul aside, I’ve been jamming out to John Mayer’s new album all day. There’s some seriously smooth tunes going on on that album.

If you’re into blues/funk you might enjoy this.


Btw I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. (@wortime I demand you look at these lmao)
Freddie gibbs is the best rapper from 2015 to present. Examples below.


That second vid reminds me of Redmans MTV cribs episode.


Some of it’s fucked but honestly I think he’s the best rapper. I used to listen to him every day for like 2 years.


Reggie is probably the most underrated rapper ever. Definitely in my top 10 though…


This guy is actually not bad! I’m surprised because TBH I hate most of those pussy ass rappers these days :slight_smile:


He’s definitely the real deal. His new album is so fire, he just got released from being extradited to austria for this chick who said he raped him.

He beat that b*tches charges and release a f**kin fire album about it XD


Austria? Lol I live there and have heard nothing of him. Makes him even more interesting to me though. Lert’s see :smiley:


It was some buuuull shit.


FUCK if I Knew that earlier I’d have gone visiting hime. Fuck my life :frowning:


Old-School_ :sunglasses:


doing cpa feels like


Dont forget slim jesus if you’re going there XD


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