WhAtS YoUr fAvOrItE OnLiNe sHoRtCuT?


Everyone knows I’m not a developer, never claimed to be. However I can usually get by manipulating code. One of my favorite sites for webdesign is codepen.io

It can even come in handy when arguing online!

It cAn eVeN CoMe iN HaNdY WhEn aRgUiNg oNlInE

What are some of your favorite sites for shortcuts?


I use this for finding emojis from my computer




lmgtfy.com for when desperate times call for desperate measures.


Lol, it’s always a desperate measure if you want it to be


Google.com lol

But, if you were looking for a more serious answer - http://textmechanic.com/


I like all the answers! Some can be hard to find with a google or LMGTFY search.

I’ll have to boot up my old tower, but I have a ton of networking sites and shortcuts, practice networks etc for those that are just starting out if anyone is interested.


Yes please!!!


I literally have to dust it off.

I can create a dump with study cards etc, a Virtual Network that will work all the way to CCNP etc.

If just getting started or wanting to learn basics it’s very handy and way cheaper than a CISCO home lab.


Sorting your Google Drive files by FILE SIZE

(not so intuitive to find this within Google Drive…)



Did you know that you can save all your favourite links in your browser so you can access them in just one click?


Edit: For those looking for serious answers :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: https://ifttt.com/, https://zapier.com/


cntrl + a when on the command line :wink:

I use it more on Juniper devices then on Cisco devices but it’s handy in both and pretty much any CLI based interface.



Not an actual ‘online’ shortcut but this one changed a fuck-ton for me.


(Mac only - free version just old school nags ya time to time)

Copy/Paste and strip any/all bullshit from the text, handy dandy when dealing with ‘creative’ websites. Couldn’t function without this one.


Zapier is a huge time saver for me automating 8k tasks per month that have been done by humans before.


On most text editors to paste only the plain text all you have to do is use CTRL+SHIFT+V

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