What's your point in manual actions?


I haven’t done IG in a long time so here is my question.
Is any of you doing IG manually? What are the limits of follow/unfollow per hour/day?

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If you could do it right the limits are a lot bigger than Jv. Can’t specify actually.

I was getting ACs+7dayBlock after 3-4 days of 300F+300UF half a dozen times. Lowered it to 200ish+200ish and this time I lasted 7 days before another AC yesterday. Probably going to lower to under 200+200 after I am free from my current 7 day block

i think 200 F 200 U DAY, 60 F / 60 U HOURS
You can have lot’s of block anyway, you must act like an human, not like a robot.
Try to avoid patterns.