What's your strategy when you can follow again?

  • Follow just under 200/day, 6k/month
  • Warmup to under 200/day, 6k/month
  • Rest account until we know more
  • Other

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Having read all 1178 posts of the now closed mega thread, these seem to be the 3 main options once you can follow again. Imagine it’s your own account and you’re not just keeping clients happy, which is the best strategy for you?

Other summary points from the main thread that I’ve taken on board

  • Follow and Unfollow should be done at separate times
  • The trust score of all accounts may have been reset, hence the warmup option
  • In an article by a facebook worker, it was mentioned:
    “We perform two interventions, first on a narrow set of AAS activity over a six-week period, and a second on a broad set of AAS activity over a subsequent two-week period.”
    which would suggest the May blocks were the narrow ones (May 9th I believe?) and these are the broad ones, which may only last 2 weeks.

Great summary from the mega thread. I happen to be one of those letting it rest for at least 6 weeks on my personal account and then I’ll warm up slowly, optimizing on other growth methods as well though, such as liking and great content.

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I’ve been resting so far and preparing my tactics for my first slaves.
Will start warmups soon and update!