What's your thoughts on the new layout?

Really looks like IG is putting an emphasis on Reels, and it’s working well. Reminds me back when IG tried to push IGTV so much but that failed.

anyone know when reel will be worldwide?

Now I really don’t like having to go to home to open Explore page. I wish they replaced Notifications tab with Explore page tab and had the notifications somewhere in Home.

I’m still able to see how Reels look only from here, still didn’t have chance to try it out :smiley:

My reels are always filled with sluts showing their teddies :bear: lol


:rofl: Istagram shows what u actually want see. So have fun :rofl:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: they are mind reader, I just recently had the Reels activated seems to be fun and TikTok similar almost 100%

How I update to reels? Any way? I’m from Gaza internet is here basically banned I’m a reel life pirate, get it?