What's your view/follower ratio?

Hey guys,

Recently just started Tik Tok about a month ago, I’m sitting at about 70k followers and average video view count I would say is 60k-100k. With a total of 1.8m likes (Still very new to everything!)

However lately I’ve been getting 30-50k views only (the past 2-3 days) I post daily from about 1-3 posts a day.

What are your average view / follower ratio? I’m trying to see if I’m still going to be able to grow, or is my channel dying.

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You’re getting like 10-20k a video?

You ideally want a 1:10 ratio.
1 follower per 10 views (not easy)
Moreso you want a 1:100 ratio for shares.

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10% engagement rate that is?

How important are shares in the algorithm in your opinion?

Ofollower nd o like uff i am tried now​:sob::sob::sob: