When do ads start showing on new accounts?

Does anyone know how long after the account creation does instagram start showing ads in the newsfeed / stories? Has anyone tested this? Very curious. Thanks

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Interesting question. I think it may not only be defined by the time after creation, but how trustworthy the account is in general. Regarding the ip, device id, email and the phone number you verified the account with.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Currently growing some slaves on Residential ips warming them up with F/U manually on Chrome PC and basically just waiting for ads to show up and then I’ll go hard with them, I think once they reach the level of being “trusted with ads” that sort of tells me they’re ready to do the job properly, no blocks, etc. We’ll see. Currently 3 weeks in and seeing no ads on them yet.


Actually a pretty good idea. Would be interesting if you start to see ads as soon as you pay for ads yourself. Because there are rumors that you can improve your trustscore by paying for ads.

I tried that paid ads thing in the past on multiple fan/slave accounts in the hopes that it will increase their trust score and IG will be less aggresive in banning the accounts for doing agressive F/U but for most of them they continued to get disabled and had to pull out a papper and a pen to send them selfie+code to get them back. So i concluded back then that a $5 investment in ads didn’t make much of a difference, howeer with IG constantly changing i wouldn’t be surprised if i’d have different results this time around.

I also noticed that on my phone i have my personal IG and then i have a few other accounts i created in the past and one of the accounts only has 6 followings and i just went on it and ads do show up in feed. So i-m guessing IG is using a device based type of “trust” rather than individual account trust. But i can’t tell for sure since I created that account more than a year ago and didn’t use it at all. I’m curious if i will ever get ads on these new slaves I created on my home PC Browser. Planning on warming them up till they eventually do.

Also i know IG got hit hard with FUD by advertisers in the past being accused of dispalying ads to bots and charging them for those as well so they had that fixed, that’s why it might be a time-frame for displaying ads on new accounts that don’t belong to a certain trusted device (like our phones) already.

Curious if anyone who joined IG recently using a brand new phone/laptop is able to see ads or not. My ultimate goal is to find out if “displaying ads” on an account is equivalent to it being highly trusted on the IG platform.

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Very interesting theory you have about this.

Please keep us updated

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