When I post a photo the description doesn't appear

Hey guys,

I’m currently running multiple campaigns on my accounts, I noticed the other day that the posts are being posted however they have no description. Has anyone had this issue or know how to solve it?


It means you’re comment blocked. For some reason IG treats captions as comments

Does this mean my settings are too high?

Interesting…I started experiencing the same this week on an account that had been aged for about 9months now - was doing extremely slow actions (<100like/day, <100 f/uf, no dms, no comments). Just fyi as it may be new policy restriction related, I usually just lurk around here but should contribute too :slight_smile:

Yes had this also on two accounts after F/U and like action block.
Waited two days, stopped automation and after device id change it worked imediately again.
(doing post via the tool)

What’s the link in your URL? They also block content if the url is disapproved

Hello. If you aren’t receiving any notifications that you are using an unauthorized URL in your post captions, then you’ve most likely just used more than 30 hashtags in your caption, which Instagram doesn’t allow. Doing so results in your caption disappearing completely.

I find Instagram’s lack of explanation for things like these extremely frustrating.

Remove the URL link from BIO if you have one
See also the hasztags you add and whether you add more than 30 and if some hashtag is not banned.
Wait 3-4 days and try again.

I had this problem on MP

reset device id seems to have solved it

Got the same problem try to find a solution…

for me it’s still working for all the accounts no problem at all, just the action blocks