When i use EB i get many errors? Jarvee automation


I followed some guides to use ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER.

But it didnt work anything, then i turned that off and turn on use only embedded browser for follow / unfollow.

Bur it kept saying account not logged in error and some other error

After i turned those settings it started working normally

Do i need to have usernames scrapped before using embedded browser or what is the problem? I use source “follow followers of specific users”

You should use EB on main accounts and API on scraper accounts.

If your scrapers have been scraping usernames, that info should be sent to your main account so you can do actions. But you still need to always have at least one account signed in via API or else you will get error 550.

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Thank you I thought so, but i m new in this , actually returning into this so i wanted to make sure
Thank you

When you have “USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER”, you need to have another valid IG account in Social Profiles tab which doesn’t have that option checked. That account will be used as a scraper account.

You can use any other source options in your main account, you don’t have to add pre-scraped usernames under follow specific users.

When you have Use only EB to follow/unfollow, you don’t have to add another IG account, but that will mean the account will make API calls by itself which can lead to blocks. You can use any sources as well.

can you log in to the account manually on the embedded browser? (Social Profiles > Browse)

also, can you share screenshots of all the errors that you have and we will try to give your the proper solution.

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Thank you! I ll see whats up today

cool, you may also check with Jarvee’s support directly and I’m sure they will help you solve the issue.

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