When IG's number "receive code again" after 2 times VP?

Hi you guys, I have a question that
If I have a phone number but I just use it 2 times Verify phone on Instagram for 2 Accounts and I can’t receive any code so far. So after that, how many days I will receive the code again? Tks so much.

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Happened to me aswell, couldn’t receive the code for 5 days…

In those situations I typically need to use another number. IG has been odd since their last update with slowness to complete non-responsiveness in sending out sms codes

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Tks so much but my simcard is limited, I just want to know when IG take the simecard receive code again?

That’s really up to IG…I don’t think there’s a set time limit. Just keep retrying and hopefully it eventually makes it to you

Yeah I hate this type of stuff. It almost feels like they’re just acting randomly doing whatever they feel like