When is a good time to start doing affiliate marketing

Hey folks,
So yeah when is it?
Also what a good place to start doing affiliate marketing.

PS I want to earn some money so I can invest in jarvee and the other tools

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Clickbank, maxbounty

I would make it with maxbounty, cause there you get 1-3$ when someone puts their email in for as example a giveaway or different things, when you can get 1-2 daily you can make 100$ per month when you do it by yourself, when you automate it with jarvee only 10-20$ per month


I’ve never heard of maxbounty… interesting. Where did you find out about these?

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yeah bro, go on youtube and type in: 100$ daily instagram maxbounty and you will find some dope ass videos, and then go on and try :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll try that stuff, I’ll be honest I haven’t made that 100$ a day thing so I always find it hard to believe, but I’ll try it since you guys seems to know your stuff around here :fire:

Biggest thing is taking action and getting out there to learn what works. Focus on one thing at a time and get that down, then move on to the next.


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But I also wanted to know when should use my ig accounts, because I don’t have that many followers :woman_shrugging:

How many followers do you have? I would say at 20k you can start to think about monetizing.

Barely 1k in two accounts, I started a few days ago

Oooops maybe I missed somethings.
When is a good time to start doing affiliate marketing?
Acctually, in some case, I start do marketing when my accounts got 500 Followers.
Depends on your niche and your strategies, the quality of follow sources as well,…

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That sounds good just hit 500 in two accounts this first week so I’ll start testing some stuff, will report back when result start appearing.

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do you experienced better results with maxbounty or clickbank? :slight_smile:

Yeah, with Clickbank I had some experiences
But most of my profit from SEO method, not from Social Network.
Nowaday, I dont focus on Clickbank so much. Just focus on selling products with Social Media.