When like did not stock

Hello everyone
so majority of my IG accounts are doing good on JV, except for this one. it came back from a 7 day block yesterday and today I logged it on JV. I can succesfully do actions (like and follow through EB), but when start the tool on Jarvee I get this error.
Already tried clear cookies and reset device id and the problem persists. It’s using good 4g proxy (that I’m generating from allproxy android app)
Any clue on what should I do?

stop liking for a few days – try again rreeeeeaaaaalllllly slow. like one like an hour 5 max a day and work up…slowly.,

In the last couple of days I’ve decided to disable the like tool. I’m experiencing a lot of blocks with the like tool.

If I were you I would have waited a couple of days and as @Alexnvo mentioned,

I think after coming from a block, you should warm up the account again.

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