When personally share, engagement is more than MP share

Kindly help me, If I am doing something wrong. Like I had shared a post with MP in 98fb group and 50google plus community but hardely get 100page views, but when I share another post in same fb groups by using another software called FB super toolkit, I got 1000page view on that day. MP sharing is best than this because it includes “via” during sharing and using spintax post seems unique instead of fb super toolkit software. What I am doing wrong ,I have no idea.

try watching what MP is doing in the embedded browser while your campaign is running, you may notice the posting isnt being done correctly or something

But it says,finished successfully.

There two possible causes for this problem:

1- Are the two posts similar or not?

If they are different, then the problem could be from your post itself.

I mean the second post may be more interesting than the 1st one, so it got more clicks.

To do fair comparison, you should post the same post two times.

You can do another test by publishing two similar posts. Post the 1st one to 49 fb groups, and the 2nd to the remaining 49 fb groups. Try to distribute the big groups between the two.

2- If your two posts were the same, then choose 10-15 posts from the first campaign and 10-15 posts from the second campaign, and then go and check them manually in your Facebook groups.

You will find the different. Maybe some errors occurred when publishing the 1st post like problem in the link or in the preview image.

There is a third possibility… Maybe someone have shared your 2nd post and eventually it went viral :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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It may be. I will definitely check it if it was posted in reality or not because I used share post method for sharing and include google plus in that compaign. I found that in google plus only image is posted pointed to facebook url and it loose traffic because no text is appear above image. This can be happened in facebook also because I think it’s not possible to not get a single like from 99groups. May be a problem in posting link.