When should I rotate IPs


I have a 4G SIM card on my mobile device and doing actions manually. As we all know, when I disconnect and then connect my internet connection my IP then changes but if I don’t do this then my IP stays the same (I’m not sure how long it stays the same for)

How often do you suggest I disconnect and re connect my internet connection to change IP?

How often the IP changes depends only on the mobile provider.
I have that the LTE can not change even after 5 minutes, maybe it is pinned to the device ID for some time, I do not know.
But on HSDPA + IP changes after a few seconds.

Okay great, how often do you recommend I change my IP if it only changes automatically ever 3 days or so

If you work only from the application, there is no need to change anything.

Okay so my ISP just said to me that they can change it on request and also it will change if I disconnect and connect my connection.

So if I have about 3 or 4 accounts on my mobile device all running off one 4G SIM card, I shouldn’t need to change my IP ever?

Also, if I do by mistake disconnect and then connect my data and the IP changes, is this bad?

*Sorry I’m sounding dumb and asking so many questions :see_no_evil: