When the Coffee Hashtag Gets Banned on Instagram

I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help but laugh at this.

What on earth could people have been posting that could result in this?

It’s one of the most used hashtags on Instagram.

If anyone knows anything more I’d love to get some details.


lmao, why would they ban that hashtag wtf


Maybe because now coffe Listed in Commonly Used Illegal Drugs. LMAO!


What if I told you…



jokes aside, probably just because clueless users have used most common/used hashtags under their spam/sexual content and been flagged/detected by Instagrams AI.

just shows how stupid IG is at the moment, will use this to show my clients when they complain

thanks for posting this


@embraceone Lol I got shadowbanned back in May for using that hashtag with a related coffee post. I was shadowbanned for 19 days. I realized it was this hashtag that caused my shadowban because when I went back and checked EVERY hashtag individually, that same message you posted on the coffee hashtag came up. It’s been banned for quite a while now lol.

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This is crazy because one of my long term clients was a very well respected local roastery and I’m pretty sure they used this in every post… :laughing:

Happy to oblige. There’s so much wrong with Instagram right now. I think it’s time for a new social media platform to enter the market so that people have some real options.

Oh my god i AM DRINKING COFFEE right now!!!

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R.I.P in piece m8