When to abandon your IG account?

I’m a photographer with 2k followers, used to use a bot in the past and was limited few times. I post good photos and they are all mine but the hashtags never work, i get like 10-50 impressions from them. Should i start a new account or what ? would really appreciate help

Wow that’s kinda screwed up
I’d suggest you start all over again. Seems like your acc trust score is either garbage or shadow banned

NO! just do a research of hashtags for your niche, do not use big ones of course try to be very specific and with 2k, just use a few max 5 I would say. Focus on creating a community around your account, like, comment on similar accounts from other photographers, look for accounts to get featured etc. Good luck!


Yeh I’m gonna give it a last try and wait for about 5 days then post with about 5-7 hashtags. Dose it matter how many pages i tag on it ? And should I follow unfollow or I shoul stop ?

Yes this. To add to it, one you got decent exposure from small hashtags don’t just stick to those, move on to slightly bigger ones

It’s driving me nuts, is this normal ?

How often do you post?

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Started to post for a week every day after few month down, but now after posting for a week I stopped for 3 days and posted today with 7 hashtags. Dunno what else to do

try to analyze the times when your audience is online the most and start from there. post one hour before the max audience is reached. some days it might be late some days early. in order for your trust score to grow again you will have to first engage with your own audience. forget the hashtags for now. post without them for a week or two then introduce them again. follow your audience!

also, ask some friends for shoutouts. some new people on your page might help as well.

So you think it’s worth saving this sinking sheep or should I start a new page ? I mean will my trust score ever be normal ? i used bot in the past

I used to bot my main in the beginning. In my personal opinion keep it of for a while and try to send engagement with M/S. It worked for me. Make sure to super target. If that doesnt work then well i dont know …

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@RioNaga - you seem to have already decided to abandon the account and start over. Your entire language suggest you are just looking for a confirmation that is the right path.

There is no definitive answer so I would do whatever makes your the happiest.


I would prefer to keep this one, just dont wonna waste energy on something that might never get off. Frustrating to keep up with hight quality posts and have no exposure. ill stick with it for the end of the month and try to post every day with no hashtags and engage with people … lets see

Why not create a backup new one and see what’s go better ? You don’t have to abandon this one but you can prepare a second one just in case.

Probably the best strategy in general, regardless of blocks/bans, etc. If you’ve got the content.

That being said, I’ve abandoned most of my accounts since June, after years of struggle to grow them effectively, and nothing but reduced/limited reach, low numbers and blocks, I decided it wasn’t really worth my effort anymore because of the state of Instagram. It’s a shame they’ve tanked their own platform.


I feel you. It crosses also my mind to abandon mine, especially when I see some other accounts killing it and favoured by instagram with doing nothing except posting.


I have a bunch of questions… Like…

  1. Have you checked to see if it’s shadow banned? Or you just think it is?
    2 Have you tried promoting it?
    3 Have you compared your engagement to similar sized photographer pages?
    4 How old is the page?
    5 You willing to PM your username so we can look?

I’m a small fish, but I have a couple accounts that I promote model photographers from, if your photos match my page themes and you want to PM your username I’ll look and let you know if I can help by promoting your page.

If it was my own account I would abandon it. It’s very small anyway, 2k followers is nothing. Start a fresh new one, post the good content you already have and grow it, you will reach the same size in a month without hassle.