Where Are All The Fake Likes Coming From!

Anyone seen what looks like a big influx of fake likes on Instagram accounts after running post engagement ads / getting more traction than usual on a post when everything is being done in a very clean / white hat way.

Seen it happen on a couple of posts recently and it’s pretty obviously not real (multiple accounts that look Indian / Brazilian all liking at essentially the same time). I know it used to happen a lot targeting globally on ads, but this targeting is very UK centric. I know it’s definitely not me doing any fake stuff and not convinced clients were necessarily be able to figure out how!

Are you using some “general” hashtags for your posts? Or they are niche-specific with low number of posts?

From the looks of it on the posts they’ve been hit with it it’s on posts like #author #writer etc so could well just be bots!

They could be bots for sure with those general hashtags. You can check their accounts for sure Instagram won’t sent you fake likes


Oh didn’t think they were coming from Instagram itself, it just seemed so weird that the client all of a sudden got hit by so many!

It definitely could have been because of those hashtags. Those hashtags are pretty broad and it’s simple to target on Jarvee