Where can i buy Proxies? I'm from Philippines

Hi guys, just some noob question. Can anyone advice me where can i buy Instagram Proxies? I’m from Philippines and I’m going to be running some local businesses’ instagram page here with Jarvee but i don’t know where i can get proxies that is in Philippines so that the owners can still use their mobile phone for instagram. Would appreciate any leads. Thank you :slight_smile:

@HenryCooper mobile proxies are the way to go, especially for you, since his proxies are located in asia :wink:


Appreciate the response @StayStyled I just need to clarify, just for safety.

Even if the IG owner is far away from the mobile proxies’ location. Would it still be safe?

Just for example: If i rent a mobile proxy from Japan. Would it still be safe for the IG owner to access his phone from Philippines?


Hi @reantkent. As mentioned @HenryCooper says it mostly depends not on the original location but on the quality of proxies. I can just prove it, all my clients are from the US and EU but I grow them on Henry’s proxies, and it works pretty well. So the answer is yes, it’s safe until you don`t abuse them too much doing 1000 actions daily.


Now i understand. Thank you for the information. I’ll just message @HenryCooper. Btw @yellowspb , would you happen to know how much his proxies cost?


@reantkent Sure, of course. It`s $4 per mobile tier proxy for 1:1 management and $20 per raw mobile proxy which is unlimited about accounts. Henry says usually users fill 5-20 accounts on one raw mobile. Personally, I put 10 accounts on one raw mobile and I use 2 raw mobile proxies now. Hit a message to Henry through telegram @HenryCooper for further information. And have a nice day! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you for the insights! :blush:

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5-20 accounts??? I would do 1 proxy for each account to be safe … yes its expensive but its the safest way

@Bradley It`s completely at your choice. 10 accounts for 1 proxy works well for me, it may be won’t work for you, but for me it’s perfect

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and is yours mobile proxies?

I use @HenryCooper 's ones

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10 accs works until it doesn’t, It requires high attention and if one account gets hit, they all might “suffer”.

I would consider a lower number per modem (assuming we are talking about client accounts)

how many accounts would you guys suggest per raw mobile proxy?

I would recommend you adding accounts slowly and warming them up until you start getting any issues like temporary blocks or like blocks. When you got smth like that your proxy is overloaded, delete 1-2 accounts and that’s your limit

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