Where can I buy sim cards online or a mobile number?

where can I buy sim cards or mobile number for verification online?

In my country I can buy it for 1,99€ but its a little bit laborious

Please check your inbox, thanks.

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Also give me a PM, i have USA phone numbers for 0.50$, or real numbers for 1.50$

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I use www.SpeedyVerify.com

They use real SIM cards not Virtual Numbers and are available 24/7 unlike most providers I have tried.


Hello There,
I need real us mobile number to receive messages…can you provide me??

Hello There,
I need real us mobile number to receive verification SMS…can you provide me??

US Real no, other country if you want.

I need US real number only :frowning:
I would buy more than 50 numbers if it works.

Seeing as you just joined, please don’t spam, and don’t start PMing other members. You have been warned.


You don’t need US number too verify your acc. My accs works with US proxies + NL mobile number for many years.
No problem👍


Interesting finally something like this comes out! I don’t have to order my real sims anymore thanks :pray:

What country phone number do you have? Do you have any other contact information?

Via PM or skype.
Romanian real sims
Ukrain virtual
Russian virtual

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What’s your SKYPE number?



I can’t find you. You can add my skype:zhang20018001

i add you on skype.

hi im realy interessed by you service how much it is and how i can buy it