Where can I find an IG marketer, or post an add on this site

Hi guys, but I’ve been trying a few times to find a legit marketer for my IG singer page.
When can I find someone, or post an ad somewhere to choose between different people?
Thank you for letting me know.

Want to buy section in marketplace

I do not understand

You need to be a level 2 member to post a marketplace ad on mpsocial. You need to fit a set of requirements to be eligible for level 2.

Or maybe you could pay a level 2 to post for you. Lol… Joke don’t ban me :cold_sweat: what did @chriskostantewicz get 100 years?

His suspension seems over? @drav


I wonder if there is a path to being unbanned…:thinking:

@Drav when hovering over his name it tells me 2nd of august

oh wait it says 3019. Dude… hahahah He got a 1000 years

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