Where can i get paid help am clueless

Please check my previous post. I want to pay someone to help set up my proxy and scrapers and everything else . I do not understand it at all.

Where do i get that help?

I cant find it on fiverr.

I just have 1 main account. I want to send 50dms max a day and f/uf 100-150 people. Story views too.

I also would like to add a second main account abit later.

Both for small businesses

I mentioned this in your other thread but I would create a post in the public marketplace:

Stating you want to buy…honestly my opinion is still hire someone to just handle this for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all this and your businesses are in desperate need of clients if I was in your shoes I’d pay a couple extra dollars so I know longer have the headache of trying to figure this out AND maintain it (which is a big pain in itself) and focus my attention specifically to my businesses and current clients and try to come up with ways to earn more from my current/past clients to pay for the expense of an expert handling my Instagram stuff. Follow/unfollow is pretty simple for a seasoned person and I’m sure you’ll get several offers.

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you can try the #public-marketplace, but I would suggest you learn how to do it yourself we can help you and you can contact Jarvee support team for articles and guides on how to set everything correctly.

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I cant make a listing there because my account isnt old enough.

I have searched the marketplace and the rules are so strict . The providers arent allowed to comment only dm the poster.

And i cant post so its a dead end.

Can anyone help me please ? Just half an hour of their time. I think i understand what i have to do but need a bit of direction so i dont mess up.

You should have access to market place as level 1 also. Plenty of people offering their help there. Search for it.

try to DM HenryCooper and milina and see how it goes

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I thought everyone could post on this WTB section Want To Buy & Looking For - MP Social

Have you tried to contact Jarvee support as suggested by @Luca? I’m sure they will help you via email or teamviewer (if necessary).

I have access , i posted but my posts didnt get approved.

I will reach out to support and see what i can do