Where can I request a verification badge

Does anyone know where I can contact tiktok and request for a verification badge. Is there a panel or live chat or something?

i think actually is not possible to submit a verification request on tiktok

I have no idea about that but @oolongo might know if it’s possible to do that or not.

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For sure. You kind of have to have an internal connection, if you want to speed it up. Otherwise, I think there are certain minimum followers quantities to get it naturally.

Thank you for that, any idea about that minimum follower’s quantities?

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I saw an excel spreadsheet once with all of this data. I’ll have to find it. There was like different tiers of popular creator. I want to say one was 125k? May be guessing.


Sounds good, 125 K is doable…if you ever find that spreadsheet, please let me know more about that , a DM might be good if not asking too much :laughing:

i have 120 maybe in some days i ll get 125k but i do not think anything is going to happen hah

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Why do you want it so bad? lol

Cuz why not? lol

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It’s just a symbol. An account can be great without being verified. I honestly avoid following such accounts, as their content is rarely original. I’d rather support some smaller creators I have found.

This is perfectly said. Don’t need it at all to “succeed”

you need to be verified on another platform to get approved

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Is that without exception?

or have many news articles about you - i.e be a public figure with a wiki page