Where do you get your CPA offers to promote?

Where do you all look for CPA offers to promote? I want to start using IG but not sure where to find good offers.

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Ogads, cpagrip and also Adworkmedia, all for mobile traffic and content locking

Thanks! Would anyone be willing to share what one of their accounts looks like? I’m curious how one would set it up.

+1 for Adworkmedia, they are in the industry for a long time, on time payments, good payouts, good support.
If you’re interested in promoting giveaways, then Adworkmedia is the right network for you.

I also heard good things about OGads, especially since they allow fake niches. If you’re interested in CPI, then go with OGads.

Ogads has the best conversions, from my analysis lowest been 20% and highest been 35% and above. That been said

In your Banking settings thread, I looked at your total traffic for the previous month and did some calculations, you could have netted far more with between 20 & 30 percent conversion.
Just an Observation, correct me if I am wrong.

What types of offers do you guys usually promote?

@brandonbenner posted a detailed guide on what he promotes and how he promotes it, been looking for it, so I can paste the link, if you follow all his latest posts I’m sure you’d find the one I’m talking about.

For me Ogads

Thanks for the reply, Mimshack.

I’ll see if I can find his post. if you happen to find it before I do let me know :wink:

Is this the post? The post after it also has some great info as well.

Yep that’s just the one

I just came across a post from warrior forum saying that email submits are mostly fraud…

I thought one page email submits were to ask for just an email address but noticed they ask for more private questions - address, phone# etc on 2nd 3rd pages…
As I’m new to CPA, I’m wondering if some of these CPA advertisers and their offers in these reputable networks (ogads, adwors media, maxbounty etc) are legit.
As much as I’d like to make money, I’d like to be aware if I’m promoting something that wouldn’t hurt the trust with my audience for a long term… I’d love to hear from experienced marketers here.

Many Thanks!

You’re right, e-mail submits aren’t just simple email submits. Advertisers want a lot more info, in contrary we would all have 90% conversion rate :slight_smile:
They ask for name, address, phone, some even ask for SSN and CC number… and in the end, they ask them to complete a survey…

ouch… do you still promote email submit offers??
I heard one page email submits are the easiest… if what they say easy isn’t actually easy, then what kind of offers do you promote to have that level of income you showed on the other post - CPA-IG?..
Also I just heard from an affiliate manager that iphone giveaway offers actually don’t actually give away iphones… I’m confused how they get away with it legally in the US… and since I’m in the US, Im concerned about promoting fraud…
How can I tell which offers are worth it?

Yes, I’m still promoting those offers, but people are passionate about things that I promote,that’s why they complete the offer.

People are also passionate about iphones :slight_smile: and yes, 99,999% of those who complete the offer do not get it.

The catch is, they don’t read the small print on those websites which usually says that you’ll get promoted item only if you buy something worth $$$$…

hey guys, apart from oGads, do you know what other cpa companies are currently accepting blackhat niches for mobile-based offers? cheers!

You can try Adludum. They are mostly email and pin offers. i only see 2 app offers.
Giveaway niches not allowed in France. You have to try providing useful content.

Really depends on what is being promoted

Max bounty

Crakrevenue(good for starters)
Clickdealer and convert 2 media is good aswell for adult

Cpa grip (mainstreaming also)


Still email submits is getting converted.
Everyone know it will be fake they how everyone dose or we need to target less
age group

Yeah It really depends on what offers you need, what vertical and GEO…Like - Vykonia. Clickdealer, Crakrevenue, Matomy also have CPA offers as far as I know and YeahMobi, RainMaker, Affleaders…Market is just full of new names and opportunities to get lots of new offers.

I promote adult offer from crakrevenue.
Testing a new offer called " smartlink ".
Offer depends which country the visitor is from. This can be dating/webcam or any offer.

Because if i had an conversion from an other country i received 0$.
This way i have always optimized ( high$$) offers based on the country where my visitor is from.

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