Where do you publish ebooks?

Hey guys, I am working on a small ebook that I want to publish and I am wondering where the best place for this kind of thing is.
Since selling ebooks is high up the list on social media marketing I thought this is a nice community to get some valuable input.
I am looking to create both free and paid ebooks for the future.

What’s ebook about? If it’s something IM related, you can sell it here on MPSocial’s #public-marketplace and other similar forums…

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Self-Publishing a whole industry.
It starts already with making a decision: Do you want to be published in multiple stores (Kobo/Rakuten, Nook/Barnes and Nobles Apple Books, Kindle) or do you know that most of your target audience will be on a single platform? Do you want to manage everything yourself or outsource it?

There are different services that take care of the cross-publishing with providers (they are called aggregators) if you aim for a wider audience, some of the more famous ones would be Draft2Words and Smashwords

For the different platforms:
Kindle Direct Publishing
Kobo Writing Life
Apple iBooks

Sadly I’m no expert in this field :slightly_frowning_face:


oh that’s right, I never really thought about this marketplace thanks :smiley:

@schoko I appreciate your response =) I’ll do some research on these platforms and then decide which ones to use/focus on.