Where/how to advertise my Accounts

ok so, I have a bountiful amount of accounts aged appropriately and have a following of around 8-10k a piece on lets say IG. Ive searched plenty and cannot figure out how to make money via advertising. is there a company I go to to look this up? do I wait for them to come to me? (errr those accounts?) ive spent many moons on this. each account is signed up via social bluebook and says they can make ok money. I have no clue who to contact or how to now. do I just face smash the keyboard? sorry but if anyone can pm me some places or at least the next step in my process it would be much appreciated. thank you

Well, first of all you gotta decide HOW you exactly want to make money with your accounts. There’s several possibilities:

  1. Shoutouts

  2. Sponsorships and promotion of products

  3. Selling your account

That’s only some there’s obviously a lot more but I think that’s the ones you should focus first on in your case. To sell shoutouts I heard that there’s some Telegram groups for that and also some website.
I think this is the most popular one: http://shoutcart.com/

You could also write something in your bio like:
DM me for shoutouts
DM me for business inquiries
or if you want to be more professional you can provide them with your email address in your bio. The best would be to get an own domain for your email address.

Other ways would be, as you mentioned already, to DM people of whom you think they might be interested in your offers.


interesting site indeed. checked it out seems neat. already have messages in the bios, seems I gotta find these places myself. message companies with my page link and social bluebook profiles I think would be best resume possible for this. I don’t really wanna sell accounts as I use them to also sneak in my own personal advertisements for my band lol. but sponsorships and video links a couple times a week wouldn’t hurt if I can find these places. thank you. if anyone has any more links or info it would be much appreciated.

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Just don’t get greedy and overdo it. Never post too many promotions.

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agreed on that one. gotta read up a lot on how much I should be doing per account size and all that too still. but first step is first and that’s finding brands to sponsor or take up shouts I think

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