Where I can buy IG accounts? safely?

Hi guys I need to know a good plays to buy aged accounts for 3-4 accounts. Can recommend some places/ people?


Look for 247accs - they have a sales thread around here. HIGHLY recommend them. Have had very few bad accounts from them & the ones that didn’t work were replaced immediately.

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i am using 60-70 accounts and i have a good supplier having 6/7+ months aged IG accounts nd faced hardly 1-2 bans in every 7-10 days gap may you can try and he gaves me 48 hrs refund policy


I send them email, but no response… and they always recommend use proxy when i never use it and never get banned even 1 account…

I use at nowadays 5 different accounts in 1 mobile phone ( all connected ) with mass planner always working ( 8h as MP team reccommend ) with 3 ips and now this guys are saying i must use proxy or i shouldn’t buy 1 signe account…

If you only need 3-4 accounts why don’t you create them yourself or ask 2-3 friends to do them for you on their phones. You usually buy accounts when you need many of them or when you need aged accounts, but why go through all the bother for 3-4 :slight_smile:


which supplier?

You can buy from Buyaccs

I would create the accounts using this guide: [GUIDE] Creating Accounts (Browser Edition) - Slave Child Accounts M/S, M/C
Works amazing for me :slight_smile:, probably even better than aged accounts.


when i need accs urgently like that i use buyacc or 247acc

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How do i access this post?

I use @Andrei :+1: