WHere i can buy old fb accounts

Hello evryone i need to buy old real facebook account from 2016 to 2019 is there somone who know any providers thanks

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Which do old real Facebook account help you?

People use old Facebook accounts because they have trust & many use for groups / sales ect


i think you should learn some Facecbook courses. it is useful for you

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why? i need a reason

We have stock old facebook account from US, EU, all have friends like 800 to 1k its good quality telegram @scottfbadverified

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i send you message please check

this is my whatsapp +212698654063

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Im looking to buy aged FB accounts. Do you know where i can buy them?

you should be posting on the #public-marketplace and you will find some sellers there

All sellers send me a private message with your prices, please.

Who is active here knows me and that I’m a serious buyer provided the accounts are filled with a unique profile pic ( not sourced from vk or any sites that offers Fb logins to sign up like dating sites etc, no generated.photos, no thispersondoesn’texist etc. ), at least 1-year-old, created on US, AUS or EU proxies, no PVA, with recovery e-mail like mail.ru or rediff.com.

Also your guarantee. If your guarantee is less than 72 hours then do not send me your pricing since warm-up on new proxies plus joining and posting in groups takes at least 48 hours.